Visit Dyrehaven

Visit Dyrehaven and Eremitage Hunting Lodge. Just north of Bakken Amusement Park, the immense green lung of Dyrehaven that used to be the royal hunting ground and is today the home of countless red & fallow deer offers a great choice for a getaway day trip from Copenhagen. Ideal for walking, bicycle, picnicking, or even horse carriage ride and horse riding, this haven of wildlife and big ancient trees is just 20 minutes away from the city by train.

Visit Dyrehaven

The park covers an area of about 1000 hectares (11 sq. km) and is visited annually by more than 7 million people. It is a forest park teeming with wildlife like deer and different species of birds that live peacefully alongside humans. The visit to the park can be a great chance for a guided tour of the magnificent royal hunting lodge in the middle of Dyrehaven.

Dramatic hunts on sweaty horses and delightful banquets in the countryside. The Hermitage tells the exciting story of the royal hunts in Dyrehaven. The royal hunting lodge was built far from the court in Copenhagen as a leisure palace where the king could host private hunting lunches.

At The Hermitage, you can easily imagine the sweaty horses and barking dogs of the time, as they chased the deer in the beautiful surrounding landscape. Join a guided tour and discover the history of the palace up until today and learn how the palace got its name.

The Hermitage is located close to Klampenborg Station, twenty minutes from Copenhagen Central Station. You can then either enjoy a 40-minute walk through the beautiful Dyrehaven Park or you can rent a horse carriage or a bike when you get to Klampenborg Station. (Description / More)