Viennese Wines

Viennese Wines. Vienna, along with Paris, Prague, Bratislava, Warsaw, and London, is one of the few remaining world capitals with its own vineyards. The wine is served in small Viennese pubs known as Heurige. White wines are about 75% of the overall wine production.

Most famous is the Grüner Veltliner, a dry white wine, an indigenous Austrian variety, with a distinctive, fruity bouquet & a bit of spice that’s referred to as Pfefferl, fresh and lively, is the most widely cultivated wine in Austria. Welschriesling (not related to Riesling) is delicate light wine with hints of apple & elegant acidity also widely cultivated.

Weißburgunder (Pinot blanc) is a powerful and harmonious wine with a nutty aroma, of course, the elegant Riesling (Rheinriesling) variety & finally Neuburger, Chardonnay (also Morillon or Fein­burgunder), Sauvignon blanc (also called Muskat-Sylvaner).The red pallet is consisted by the Blauer Zweigelt (Rotburger) & Blaufränkisch both powerful & full-bodied varieties & finally the Blauer Portugieser which is more fruity and mild.

Typical Viennese wine tavern-or-else-heurigerGruner Veltliner wineWelschriesling