Viennese sweets

Viennese sweets. Viennese cuisine is particularly famous & especially loved for its vast variety of sweets which is so overwhelming that to taste its full range in a few days is a real challenge.

From the dense chocolate cake Sachertorte, invented by Franz Sacher in 1832 for Klemmens von Metternich & traditionally served with whipped cream & a Wiener Melange (coffee with milk) to the Kaiserschmarren, torn pieces of fluffy, caramelized pancakes sprinkled with powdered sugar (Emperor Francis Jozef I’s favorite)

sachertorteKaiserschmarrnViennese applestrudel

From the traditional Viennese Apfelstrudel, a very thin layered pastry with a filling of apple, cinnamon, sugar & raisins, to the Bohemian Buchtel (yeast bun) with vanilla sauce à la Sacher, to the Viennese Schlosserbuben (literally locksmith boys) baked plums perfectly matched with the baked apricots called Wäschermadeln & Sacher-Faschingskrapfen , the Carnival Doughnuts, to the Cardinal slices & the Viennese Sacher Cubes à la Sacher the list is literally never-ending!