Cycle around Vienna

Cycle around Vienna. With more than 1000 kilometers of bike paths in and around the city, Vienna is an ideal city for cyclists. Along with the organized guided bike tours that can take you through the city’s main attractions, the lovely bike paths such as the Ringstrasse route, the 130 cyclist-friendly Viennese hotels & pensions, the countless mountain-bike trails in the Vienna woods make the city ideal for pedaling.

Vienna is also a station of the famous cycle path that runs along the Danube and leads from Germany through Austria all the way to Hungary. Many cyclists arrive in Vienna via this route, either for a stopover or as their final destination.

Cycle around Vienna around Vienna

To reach the center of the Danube Bicycle Path in the northern part of the city, in Nussdorf, turn onto the Danube Canal Bicycle Path and proceed to Urania-Sternwarte. At Urania, you join the Sightseeing Path Ringstrasse (Ring-Rund-Radweg) that encircles Vienna’s old city.

You can see famous attractions along the way, such as the Opera, the Parliament & the Burgtheater. Several important bicycle paths branch off the Ring-Rund-Radweg, like the one from Schwarzenbergplatz to the Central Station via Argentinierstrasse and at Bellariastrasse to Westbahnhof (Western Railway Station).

If you want to return to the Danube Bicycle Path from Urania, take the Aspern Bridge, Prater-strasse & Prater Hauptallee, where you can find the ramp to the Preter Bridge (before you reach the bridge to your left): Cross the bridge & follow Hubertusdamm downstream and continue to the Lobau, a river forest with meadows at the south-eastern edge of Vienna.

From here the Danube Bicycle Path is signposted until Hainburg as you continue to travel through the wetland forest, which is part of one of Europe’s last primeval forests. This section of the Danube Bicycle Path is also ideal for a shorter excursion. More