An evening at Palazzo Barbarigo Minotto

Book an evening at Palazzo Barbarigo Minotto. Even if you are not a big Opera fan, participating in a live opera performance inside a 15th-century Renaissance Palazzo is just surreal. The fact that the concert will be given by talented musicians, who change rooms with their audience in every different act (instead of changing scenery on a stage), gives you the chance to actually feel part of the play while touring in an unforgettable journey through time. an evening at Palazzo Barbarigo Minotto

Overlooking the Grand Canal, historical evidence proves that the construction of this noble Venetian palace dates back to around the 15th century. It consists of three halls facing the Grand Canal and just as many on the Rio Zaguri; during the first half of the 18th century, this palace was embellished by the work of artists whose fame and talent are still acknowledged today.

The painters Giambattista Tiepolo, Francesco Fontebasso, Jerome Mingozzi, and the stucco worker Carpoforo Mazzetti, also known as Tencalla commissioned by nobleman Pietro Barbarigo, the works of whom are perfectly preserved and are still appreciated by scholars and art lovers.

The palace houses a 17th-century aristocratic family chapel, with Louis XIV-style elm flooring, inlaid with olive and other fine wood. The doors are also in the Louis XIV style with walnut wood panels and decorated with vine leaf-shaped bronze handles, while the flooring is a blend of terrazzo, Venetian “pastellone” pavings. Definitely a must. More