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An apology to all vegetarians and vegans out there but this is unanimous pick by every single guide out there. Sült is actually pretty common in many countries as aspic, a savoury jelly made with meat stock, set in a mould and used to contain pieces of meat, chicken, veal, or sometimes fish. It is usually made with the broth of pig’s feet (hock), bay leaves, carrots, allspice, pepper corns and salt.  The meat (veal, chicken or pork) is trimmed into small pieces and added to the mix where after a few, it is left to cool until it forms the needed jelly. Not an easy job, that’s why it’s favorite among old school housewives and grannies on family dinners and holidays.

It would be better if you tried this Estonian delicacy at a place that can be trusted for the quality of its cuisine ingredients. Finding this place was not hard as it is ranked first among all 971 restaurants in Tallinn according to TripAdvisor users. It was however handpicked specifically for this dish since it is one of the safe choices serving Sült. Rataskaevu 16 is definitely one that will make it easier for you to find things to accompany the Estonian rarity that we suggest you try. Lots of them.