Turg. Smoked and marinated fish. Fish is an essential part of Estonian cuisine. Especially herring and eel are abundant in Estonia. They are both found marinated and smoked at the outdoor markets, also known as ”turg”, selling the catch of the day. Back in the old days, poor people ate mostly fish since more than half of Estonian land borders the sea and the fishing culture was widespread.


The fish, herring, and sprats were salted, marinated or smoked and preserved in huge barrels for the winter. Marineeritud Angerjas (Marinated Eel) can of course be found in Estonian homes as well as restaurants and it is very often served cold. The best place for this kind of delicacy? Tallinna Kalaturg Tallinn’s fish-market. Bad thing about it. It’s only open on Saturdays. If you happen to be in Tallinn on a Saturday don’t miss it. It’s 100% authentic Tallinn.