Mulgipuder. One of the oldest recipes on the menu. Food for both animals and peasants that used to nourish Estonian farmers and their valuable animal stock is considered today a typical Estonian porridge. It can be spiced up with some portions of bacon or other meat, sautéed onions, and can be served as the main course, accompanied by sour cream and rye bread, or as a side dish complementing different types of roasted meat.


The latest favorite of Talinners that focuses on organic and fresh products where you will have the chance to sample a version of this traditional dish is NOP (Neighborhood Organic Place) cafe and shop. Here you can also buy all the products that are used for the making of the menu.

It is a great place for a healthy brunch or breakfast and is located in a charming old (very woody:) neighborhood of Tallinn, Kadriorg. We’re in an old over 100 years wooden house that sits within a wonderful garden. Some of the users on Tripadvisor are commenting “NOP is one of those places that is good in its authenticity – it’s stayed the same for many years and to be honest that’s what I love about it the most. ” ” The food was delicious and the service was perfect. Good choice for vegetarians! ” “Been there 3 times by now (different years). We love it. It’s simple but cozy, the waitresses are lovely and the food is good.” Here is where you can find them: