Kali. When Estonians refer to Kali they’re not talking about California. Kali is a low-alcohol fermented beverage that is made from barley. In essence, Kali is like drinking a kind of sweet bread with a fizz. Nowadays multinationals like Carlsberg and Coca Cola Company dominate the market but you can easily find one pub or a microbrewery that stretches the palette further. The drink is especially popular during the hot summer months.


A nice place for a Kali would be Poobel an Estonian pub with great reviews, good food and wide selection of brews. Some of the latest compliments from TripAdvisor users: ” What a great place. Superb food – do try the glorious cheese balls! Very friendly service. An outstanding beer selection. ” ” They have a crazy wide range of beers and great ciders too. The food was delicious .” ” What a great find – very cosy (in a modern, Scandanavian way), friendly locals, tasty pub food, wine that didn’t cost the earth (unlike the hotels and old town) and super friendly, helpful staff. ” You can find them here: http://www.poobel.ee/