Swedish sweets

Swedish sweets. Swedes have a soft spot for sweets. You can see that in their extensive variety of pastries & cakes . You’ll find a million bakeries and pastry shops (konditorier) all over the city and most of them are pretty good. What you must definitely try are the omnipresent cinnamon buns or kanelbullar .

You should also try the Princess cake or Prinsesstårta, spread out in layers of yellow sponge cake lined with jam and vanilla custard, and crowned with a heavy topping of whipped cream.

Finally, there’s the chokladbollar, a round chocolate-flavored butter ball with oatmeal-cocoa-sugar- coated in coconut flakes or pearl sugar. Chokladbiskvier, dammsugare, Spettekaka, Ostkaka….well the list is never ending really. If you like sweets then Stockholm can prove to be a real restraint breaker.


Arguably the best place to indulge yourself in sweet flavors with a Swedish touch in them is Vete–Katten. This place is a Stockholm institution – written about, spoken about and above all visited, by most Stockholmers, both well-known and unknown, from Great Garbo’s time to the current day. Vete-Katten carries the torch for a long Swedish baking tradition of which they are proud to continue.

All the pastries and bread of Vete-Katten are made from scratch, using the best ingredients that can be found in the market and with no additives whatsoever.

Things take the time they need with no shortcuts undermining the whole process. Of course, a real patisserie isn’t just heavenly bread, pastries and coffee; equally important is a warm atmosphere, welcoming ambiance and knowledgeable staff, who always have a smile and a few friendly words to spare. In all it’s just the perfect place to feel right at home. More