Lax. Dipped in the Baltic Sea & the archipelago of Lake Mälaren, Stockholm has an abundance of fish delicacies. One of the favorites of Swedish cuisine is without question the tasty salmon. There are three distinctively Swedish ways that this nutritious fish can be found on Stockholm’s menus. Gravlax is an appetizer made of raw salmon cured in salt, sugar & dill usually served on a slice of bread and boiled potatoes.

Inkokt lax is a main dish consisting of boiled salmon together with onions & carrots in a mixture of water, vinegar, salt, sugar & other spices usually eaten with mayonnaise Laxpudding. or salmon pudding is another popular Swedish dish made with boiled potatoes, sauteed in butter onions that are then covered with salmon cuts topped with another layer of sliced potatoes & a mixture of milk, cream, eggs & salt.

Of course, salmon tastes heavenly even if you eat it cooked in the simplest kind of way. Since you’ve certainly already tasted salmon it’s probably a great opportunity to taste it the old Swedish way.