Kräftskivor & Räkor

Kräftskivor & Räkor. There are two more gifts from the sea that are very popular in Sweden. Kräftskivor or boiled crayfish is a traditional festive food during the crayfish season in the last days of summer / early autumn day with the lobsters boiled in salt, sugar, ale & dill.

Eaten only by Sweden’s upper-class citizens and aristocracy in the 1500s, crayfish have become a national dish enjoyed by everyone these days, with mass importation having significantly brought down the price.

If you are a shrimp fan then you will love Räkor. What makes this version of the shrimp extra tasty is the specific species, the pandalus borealis and the fact that they are cooked in their shells sometimes directly on the boats. The frozen peeled versions hold no comparison.