Glashuset (Bar & Restaurant)

The people of Glashuset have strived towards creating a warming and welcoming oasis, a venue and destination for Stockholmers and their visitors to enjoy the diversity at the walk along Strandvägen with people crossing paths from all over the world. Glashuset is located in the heart of Stockholm, with a unique spot right on the water, and is open all year round.

With its simple and clean architecture, Glashuset has been a landmark for Stockholm since 1955. The building was initially a gas station, designed by the acknowledged architect Peter Celsing in 1949 and was later on turned into a number of different business such as a tourist bureau, ice cream shop and pizzeria. After a few turns, it was finally time for it to transform into a real restaurant and brasserie with bars and patios. The future is exciting and the plan is to take care of the dual pontoons located outside of the restaurant, by introducing comfortable and inspiring seating areas and greenery on the wooden deck. Simply put, the oasis you’ll find in the restaurant and bar will get extended. More