Fasching (Jazz Joint)


Fasching is a concert venue, club, restaurant and bar, centrally located on Kungsgatan 63 in Stockholm. Since its inception in 1977, Fasching has grown to become Scandinavia’s largest organizer of jazz and the club is well known both in the country and internationally. Here come the yet unknown talents, the big stars, protagonists and legends. Here the improvisational art thrives! In Fasching’s premises, over 250-300 concerts as well as hundreds of club nights are presented to approximately 80,000 guests annually. The jazz club has a capacity of 350 visitors and is considered one of Europe’s oldest and most prolific jazz venues. It is a unique club to the extent that it is owned by the jazz musicians themselves through the Association of Swedish Jazz Musicians (FSJ) and by its audience through the Friends of the Faschings Association with almost 2,000 members. More