Stockholms Medeltidsmuseum

The Museum of Medieval Stockholm or Stockholms Medeltidsmuseum in Swedish,  located north of the Royal Palace, features the emergence & medieval development of the city. It is built around the findings from the largest excavation that ever took place in Stockholm back in 1978.

Stockholms Medeltidsmuseum

The museum came into existence after a major archaeological investigation that took place in advance of the rebuilding of the Riksdag (Swedish Parliament) and the building of garages under the present-day gardens of Riksplan.

Among all the remains which came to light were parts of the Town Wall which Gustavus Vasa had built in the 1530s as well as the churchyard of the medieval Helgeandshuset (House of the Holy Spirit), which originally gave its name to the island.

The underground exhibition features 55 meters of the original 16th-century town wall, a medieval graveyard, and a warship. The museum enables visitors to experience medieval Stockholm from the 1250s to 1520s in an exciting way that makes use of modern technology.

Everyday life of the time from feasts & dancing, to gallows & other punishments, are presented in a way that can make what is to many people a dull instructive tour into an impressive overall experience. More