On the eastern tip of Kungsholmen island, next to the northern shore of Riddarfjärden, facing the islands of Riddarholmen & Södermalm, stands Stockholm’s City Hall, the venue of the Nobel Prize banquet & iconic symbol of the city, the Stadhuset.

Stadhuset is also one of the main tourist attractions of the city. The building is considered one of Sweden’s best examples of national romanticism in architecture completed in 1923, after 12 years of construction and 400 years after Gustav Vasa’s liberation of Stockholm by Danish occupation.

The city hall is built around two open spaces, a piazza called Borgargården on the eastern side & the Blå hallen (Blue Hall) to the west. Above the Blue Hall is the Golden Hall named after the decorative mosaics made of more than 18 million tiles depicting important landmarks of Swedish history.

Turrets adorned with golden starlets, decorated balconies, wooden masts & statues, along with the 106 meters tall bell tower crowned with a dome & a weather vane of three crowns. Altogether they form an architectural landmark that is worth seeing up close.

Combined with the small park of Stadhusparken that is also adorned with several sculptures & a 20 meters tall pillar with the statue of Engelbrekt Engelbrektsson the ensemble of the city hall will most probably stay in your memorabilia after you depart. More