Kungliga Slottet

Dominating the island of Stadsholmen island, the Kungliga Slottet, the Royal Palace, the formal residence of the royal family before the Drottningholm Palace, is a massive baroque masterpiece of 600 rooms that are open all year round for the public. Inspired by and created as a roman palace, it is divided today into eleven floors.

Kungliga Slottet https://www.kungligaslotten.se/vara-besoksmal/kungliga-slottet.htmlhttps://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Kungliga_slottet_The_Royal_Palace_Stockholm_2016_01.jpg

The Royal Palace was built after 1754 in the place of the old Tre Kronor castle that stood in its place, it contains the former Royal apartments and three semi-separate museums: the Treasury with the Royal Regalia, the Tre Kronor Museum that features the medieval history of the old palace & the Gustav III’s museum of antiquities.


The palace is guarded by the famous Högvakten the royal guard dating back to the 16th century & is still fully operational, especially during the official banquets and the Royal meetings with foreign dignitaries. During the summer months, the Royal Chapel is also open, as well as the Riddarholmen Church – the royal burial church five minutes’ walk from the Palace.

It’s not every day that you can visit the largest royal palace in the world still used for its original purpose & roam in its vast and lavish interiors. Whether you have the time to expand on your visit by visiting all the sections and museums of the Royal Palace or not, this is surely a place you shouldn’t miss out on.