Migliaccio alla senese

Migliaccio alla senese. The Sienese Migliaccio is a traditional Tuscan dessert, prepared with the cooked blood of the pig. It is a very rich dessert, with a round and flat shape like an omelet. It is cooked in a pan greased with lard, it is made with pig blood, eggs, flour, sugar, lard, broth, chopped walnuts, dry biscuits, and traditional Sienese sweets such as panforte and cavallucci. Finally, the migliacci are sprinkled with vanilla sugar and garnished with walnuts.


In Siena, nothing is thrown away from pork! ”. No better expression of this Sienese tradition is contained than this very particular recipe, which is usually prepared on the day of processing the pig. In Siena, the migliacci are sweetened, more than in other regions ( Prato and Pistoia ), they are almost sweet since the blood is enriched not only with sugar but also with panforte and cavallucci , typical of the confectionery tradition of the city (blood is a “Sorry”, the basis are just panforte and cavallucci).