Carrillada de Cerdo

Carrillada de Cerdo, an omnipresent dish that you can often find in tapas bars is a dish that translates into cooked pork cheeks. In Spain every part of the pig finds its perfect use. This part of the pig, (cheeks) is a very meaty part of it although not considered one of the noblest parts, yet it is a very tender and juicy snack if it is prepared the traditional Andalusian way. This means that the meat cut is initially fried in olive oil, garlic (that’s also everywhere) and onions.

Then the meat is left to simmer in a sauce of wine and broth until the sauce thickens. Sometimes a bit of honey is added to the mix which is served decorated with fresh chives. For some of the best pork cheeks in the city you should head for Ovejas Negras Tapas. Ovejas Negras is a bar of tapas with a contemporary cookie concept adapted to the cookie world without sliding races. Traditional elaborate tapas with enough experimentation and  personal stroke of brilliance ensure a vortex of tastes, that can blow you away.