La Tizná honest grill (Meat)

La Tizná honest grill is an Ecological Grill. This space combines tradition, honesty, transparency, and know-how, betting on the goodness of the land, organic vegetables, sourdough bread, matured and Iberian meats, and a selected natural wine cellar. All are available in the store-restaurant format .

Whether it is the first time you come to Andalusia or if you were lucky enough to be born here, and today you feel like eating out, there is only one thing you need to know, in this house you will eat well, because we only put products on the table good for you and good for the planet.

La Tizná is a versatile space where you can buy, eat and drink fresh, local, organic, sustainable and seasonal products. Its menu, made with products from small producers, changes seasonally and is based on dishes from the Andalusian recipe book. An immersion in the origin that allows you to know and explore our land bite by bite. More