Flor de Sal (Wine)

Flor de Sal started on March 28, 2010, in Seville and its objective is to teach the public about selected products for fine dining, which are high quality and reasonably priced. Its main mission is to educate people about the culture of Spanish wine, which includes approximately 85 different wine denominations.


In order to accomplish this, they organize almost daily tasting courses of the wines they sell in their store. Aside from being quite knowledgeable in the wide variety of Spanish wines, Flor de Sal has specially selected Spanish cheese, olive oils, pâtés and chocolate.


These also take part in the tasting course, where the best pairing for these products is evaluated. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to pass by Flor de Sal and discover this unique place: Enology, Gastronomy, Culture, and Education.

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