Real Fabrica de Tabacos

One of the few industries that Seville manages to establish as a consequence of the trade with the Americas was the Real Fabrica de Tabacos.  The industry was already up and running scattered in several houses of the San Pedro neighborhood from the beginning of the 17th century when Seville still had the monopoly of trade with the Americas. Fabrica de Tabacos

In 1758, at a time when it was most needed, the new factory of Royal Tobacco started its operation in the second largest building in the whole Spanish Empire, right outside the city walls, where the Puerta de Jerez lies today.  Being outside the city walls led to the simultaneous construction of a defensive moat by engineers of the Royal Army.

The tobacco that came from Cuba, Virginia, and Brasil was processed by an increasing number of workers that would reach 6000 people and also include women at an age when this was still considered extraordinary in Europe. Today the massive 18th-century building is the seat of the Universidad de Sevilla. It is a place where hundreds of Spanish students pass their many hours being taught Law, Science, Philosophy, and Letters. The architecture has been influenced by the Renaissance and Baroque styles and is one of the most imposing and beautiful historical buildings in the city. More