Las Setas de Sevilla

Las Setas de Sevilla aka the Metropol Parasol project by architect Jürgen Mayer, is the largest wooden structure in the world. Its construction was carried out to renovate the Plaza de la Encarnación. The monument contains 5 levels and each of them houses a main room.

The history of this place begins with the first food market in the city of Seville. The Mercado de la Encarnación was the first food market in the city of Seville. It was built on an old medieval Augustinian convent called “Convento de la Encarnación”, giving its name to the square where Las Setas are located today.

Las Setas de Sevilla de Sevilla

Seville grew and was transformed, to adapt to the new Sevillian life and the influx of traffic from La Campana to Puerta Osario, a widening of Imagen street was made in 1950. In 1973, due to structural problems of the vegetable and fish stalls del Mercado, the Tamarguillo flood, and the appearance of the first supermarkets, the Market was demolished.

On December 19, 2010, a modern and renovated Mercado de la Encarnación reopens its doors. Three months later, the Plaza Mayor and the Antiquarium were opened. As a final culmination, on May 6, 2011, Setas de Sevilla is completely inaugurated with the opening of the footbridges and the Mirador.

In total, 250 meters of footbridges are available to Sevillians and tourists to enjoy Seville from a new and surprising point of view. The initial project was called Metropol Parasol, but very soon the citizens of Seville affectionately renamed it Las Setas (meaning the mushrooms) due to the shape of the unique structure. That is how Las Setas de Sevilla was born. Las Setas de Sevilla

On the first level is the Antiquarium or Archaeological Museum, the Official Store Setas de Sevilla, a Tourist Information Point of the city.

The second level is where we find the market and restaurants. The third, a raised plaza for the enjoyment of citizens; the fourth level is where we  start the visit to the catwalks, a small bar and an events area of ​​500 square meters.

Finally, on the fifth level, we find the Mirador at 28.5 meters high. Take a unique tour thanks to the official guided tour of the Past View Experience, with stops at the Mirador, the Market, and the Antiquarium. You can finish with an exclusive farewell tasting of a glass of the typical Andalusian sweet wine. Las Setas is arguably the best mirador (vista platform), at least when it comes to modern ones, in the city of Seville right now.  More Setas Official Facebook Gallery