Learn to cook like a Sevillian

Learn to cook like a Sevillian. A Spanish Cooking Class is what you need if you want your trip to Seville to stay with you for as much time as possible. No, that is not a hyperbole. If you learn how to cook like a Sevillian you will bring Sevilla into your kitchen every time you feel like it. The distinctive tastes of every city make the experience of the trip complete. You would argue that what you find in the Sevillian food market will not be easily found back home but that is not true.


Most of the materials and spices of Sevillian cuisine can be found everywhere. The Taller Andaluz de Cocina – Cooking School, daily hands-on Spanish and Andalusian cooking classes, food market tours with tastings, and Sherry wine tasting in Seville. They are located inside Triana food market where they get the freshest local ingredients for the best traditional Spanish and Andalusian cuisine.

You will learn how to cook local classic dishes with professionally trained chefs… and eat what you cook in a relaxed atmosphere. Or try a sample of the best wines from the Jerez region with a full explanation by a local. The classes are in English, Spanish, and other languages you may request. More