Vepřové Koleno

Vepřové Koleno. The true origins of the recipe of Vepřové Koleno (Roasted pig’s knee) are lost in time and usually give rise to disputes between the Czechs and the Bavarians who call it Schweinhaxe. Whichever the case Koleno is a huge chunk of roasted pork knuckle that raises a lot of eyebrows, mostly non-local of course, as the dish is considered one of the most traditional of Czech cuisine. The coarse cut of meat is usually marinated in a mixture of caraway seed, garlic, and black beer.

It is then roasted, traditionally over an open fire, until the skin gets crispy. It is then served on the bone along with fresh horseradish, pickled chilies or onions, a bit of Czech rye bread, mashed potatoes, sour cherries, and a generous amount of mustard. It’s a true feast for the stomach but you will need a bit a patience as it takes at least 45 minutes to be prepared. Still, it will surely compensate you in the end.