Pečená kachna

Back in the old days Pečená kachna or Roast Duck on the table could only mean one thing. A very special occasion. Its high cost made it a treat only nobility could savour during the week days. Even today Pečená kachna is a special occasion dish Czechs like to have on a formal family dinner, on Sundays or Christmases. The duck (or goose) is sprinkled with salt and caraway seeds inside and out before it nests in the oven for about 2 hours and gets a golden brown, crispy crust that can put one’s vegetarian inclinations on test. It is typically served with braised red cabbage (also called zeli, which is a finer and sweeter version of sauerkraut) and bread or potato dumplings. Such an easy and tasteful way to feel like a Czech noble.