Cmunda or Bramboráky

Cmunda or Bramboráky is probably the most popular vegetarian side dish in Prague that can very easily become a main dish when it is sized to fit the cooking dish. Cmunda are golden fried pancakes made of milk, grated potato, carrot, cabbage and flour. The mixture is spiced with marjoram, garlic, salt and pepper and is fried for about 5 minutes until it gets golden brown on both sides.

It is very common for restaurants to have a few bramboráky next to the even more common bread dumplings on the side of a meat dish like Guláš. A very common way to be served is also topped with sweet, boiled red cabbage and accompanied by a spicy Moravian smoked pork.It is also a great street snack that goes perfectly with a dash of ketchup or a spicy Czech sauce served in one of the food stalls of the city.