Spend an evening in Žižkov

Spend an evening in Žižkov. Žižkov is well known among Praguers as the place to go for a night out. Žižkov is packed with cheap and trendy pubs, bars, and clubs. Its lively night atmosphere is often compared to the Parisian Montmartre. Žižkov was originally one of Prague’s working-class districts that one usually avoided after sunset.


Nowadays it has been transformed into a place where all young people want to live in or at least spend their spare time in the good company of their friends. There’s literally a pub on every corner so if you’re looking for a place where you can experience Prague’s own pub crawl, this is it. Žižkov is not just a pub crawl neighborhood though. During the day you can visit the beautiful hill park Parukarka which in the summer turns into a huge beer garden or you can climb up to the hill called Vitkov.


At Vitkov you can find a WWI National Memorial and one of the highest equestrian sculptures in the world, the statue of the Hussite leader Jan Žižka (1360-1424) after whom the district is named. There’s a great view of Prague from the monument where you can have a coffee or beer break in a nice modern cafe right on the top of the monument behind the statue.


Finally, you can climb the highest tower in Prague – the newly renovated Žižkov TV tower. You can go up by lift, or just stay down and look for the statues of small babies climbing up the tower made by our famous artist David Černý. If you manage to get here however it would a pity not to get to the observatory on the top of the tower where you can see many kilometers around weather permitting. There’s also a nice modern restaurant and bistro and a one-room hotel on the tower.