Baguette with Beurre Bordier butter

As simple as it gets. If the baguette is fresh enough then the renowned Beurre Bordier will be enough.  Sweet cream, lightly salted, and salé (salted) whichever will be your choice is nothing like you’ve ever tasted back home. (Beurre de barratte refers to a traditional butter-making process used in French dairies.).

This butter is the reason why France is the largest consumer of butter in the world. If you want to snatch one of the best baguettes in the city then you’ll surely come across one of the 14 shops of the renowned Maison Landemaine bakeries.

For the best of Beurre Bordier in Paris you should look for Fromages Laurent Dubois. The Laurent Dubois Cheese Shops are located in the historic heart of Paris and are specialists of the kind. You will also find some of the best cheeses in Paris there.