Mumi Restaurant (Fine dining)

When you think of fine dining in Paris your mind drifts in imaginary, inspirational and contemporary concoctions of acclaimed chefs. Cooking is a form of art and there’s nowhere else in Paris that the two blend so nicely than in Mumi Restaurant. Every detail of this restaurant, is a smart reference to contemporary art. The food more so. A feast for the eyes that translates into an explosive banquet of flavors. This five star restaurant is just footsteps from the Louvre, Centre Georges Pompidou and the Bourse de Commerce. Despite its obvious aspirations to be established as one of the top restaurants in the city it has a much more relaxed attitude than other fine dining establishments in Paris. Not being in the prohibitive price range makes it a fine dining restaurant you should visit for all the good reasons.

Mumi Restaurant (Fine dining) Restaurant (Fine dining)