Food and wine tour

Food and wine tour? Yes, please. We need not say much about French cuisine and wine. They are both notorious all over the world. We could say that the French actually set the standards in both cases for the rest of the world. Obviously, you have plans of your own on how to delve into both while you’re in Paris. What we suggest is to have a tour of both. There are several that combine the two in Paris and are definitely worth both your money and your time. The experts can fast-forward you or zoom you in depending on your choice and then you can probably take it from there.

A great way to socialize and learn some secrets on both subjects while you sample some of the culinary treasures this city has to offer. Our choice and kind provider of our photos is Paris By The Glass a tour that has offered unique food and wine experiences in France since 2009. Our tastings, tours, and classes give you the chance for an intimate view of the artisanal traditions, new and old, of French cuisine along with the ubiquitous role of wine in French culture.

Eating and drinking locally is the most enjoyable means to learn about a place and the best way for you to take a little bit of France home with you. After joining one of the wine or gourmet food tastings in Paris, you will have a greater understanding of France and its people. The history, anecdotes, and skills you will learn will prove to be memorable for years to come. Most importantly, it’s fun to sample, sip, swirl, share, try, and savor.