Tørrfisk (stock-fish)

Tørrfisk (stockfish) is unsalted fish dried by the sun and wind on wooden racks in Northern Norway or in special drying houses. Norwegian Stock-fish is world famous for its great quality and high grade. Good quality stock fish demands specific weather and temperature with the cold Norwegian climate protecting the fish from insects or bacterial growth.

The fish that is traditionally cod but can also be other white fish such as haddock, ling, or pollack is hung on flat lofts or drying racks after it’s gutted, for a period of two to three months. The stockfish is stacked and arranged so that air can circulate freely around the individual stockfish.


The largest stock fish, which requires the longest drying period is placed at the top and exterior of the stacks to ensure that secondary drying is as rapid as possible. After three months of hanging on the flakes, the fish is then matured for another two to three months indoors in a dry and airy environment.

Due to its stable climate conditions, Stock-fish from Lofoten in Northern Norway is generally regarded as the best. Stockfish is extremely rich in proteins, vitamins, iron, and calcium which are concentrated even more after the water contained in the fish’s body dries out. It is usually served with boiled potatoes & carrots.