Pølse i lompe

Pølse i lompe is the Norwegian version of a hot dog. The thin and long dog-type sausage made of finely ground pork and spiced with pepper & nutmeg is placed in a thin and round pancake made of flour & potatoes and after the addition of a generous amount of mustard..there you go..you have the favorite street food of the Norwegian nation served at many stands, during ball games, in children’s parties, on 17th of May (Norway’s national day).


In general, Norwegians are the most fanatic consumers of their iconic Pølse (sausage) in the world, with an analogy of 100 kg of Pølse per person every year. Their love for Pølse is not confined only to the consumption as a classic hot dog of course. We can find Pølse eaten as a meal with potatoes, as a fry-up, in a stew, or even in soup. Some are boiled and others grilled. We can even find a Christmas pølse, the Julpølse, which is baked and eaten with potatoes and gravy alongside ribs.