One of the tastiest Norwegian dishes, synonymous with the country’s culinary tradition, especially during Christmas time is the dish called Pinnekjøtt. It is also based on lamb, particularly on lamb ribs that are first salted & then left hanging to dry in a process very similar to that of the dried cod fish. “Stick meat” didn’t take its name from the shape of the ribs, it was named after the birch sticks that are placed on the bottom of a pot, above the simmering water that is used to steam the meat that is placed on top of them.

The cured meat is soaked in water for about 30 hours in order to rehydrate and then placed upon the grid of sticks that give the meat a subtle sweet-minty flavor at the end. After 3 hours above the low heated water the meat is again ready to fall off the bone & ready to be served along with some boiled potatoes and swede that is boiled & mashed along with some butter & juice from the meat. Sauerkraut, mustard & cranberries mashed with sugar are also very common accompaniments. Especially for meat lovers this method of cooking is highly addictive as the saturation of the meat with salt & desalting magnifies the meat’s flavor many times over.