Lutefisk. This dish is estimated to be in existence from the time of the Vikings and both Swedes and Norwegians claim to be its inventors. Whichever the case, Lutefisk today is identified with the Norwegian culinary tradition. Lutefisk is air-dried stock fish that has been soaked in a lye solution for several days until it produces a jelly-like consistency & is then soaked for a few more days in plain cold water.

The outcome is a jellyfish that can be cooked, steamed, or even sometimes grilled and is typically accompanied by potatoes, mushy peas, and mustard. In many Norwegian homes, lutefisk takes the place of the Christmas turkey and is very often met by expat Norwegian families that want to have a taste of home. It is worth mentioning that Lutefisk is an acquired taste even for the Norwegians & not very easily appreciated the first time, however, it is surely worth sampling this ancient delicacy that followed this nation for more than a thousand years.