Fårikål is a traditional Norwegian meal of lamb and cabbage (the name får i kål translates into sheep in cabbage) considered one of the country’ s national dishes, if not THE national dish. There is even a Fårikål Feast Day every last Thursday of September and a National Fårikål Society that deals with everything that is Fårikål. This dish is neither pretty nor fancy but whatever it lacks in appearance it more than makes up in flavor. Raised in the green pastures of the Norwegian mountains with fresh grass & wild herbs Norwegian lamb is one of the most fragrant & mild meats you will ever taste. The meat is taken from the shoulder, neck or shank and is always left on the bone along with its fat. It is then soaked into a pot of water, chopped cabbage, peppercorns & salt & left to simmer until it becomes so tender that it falls from the bone.It is traditionally served with boiled potatoes, crisp Norwegian flatbrød (flat bread)and lingonberry jam. The reach & hearty juices at the bottom of the casserole should be poured over the top of the lamb. Hardcore fårikål lovers will traditionally devour the whole peppercorns along with every bite of their favorite dish. If the dish looks ugly then it is cooked exactly how it should be .It is best served with a glass of dark ale.