Villa on the fjord (Villa)

Villa on the fjord (Villa). The wonderful House on the Fjord is situated on the island of Bomlo, a beautiful rural area off the west coast of Norway, connected to the Norwegian mainland by a tunnel. Built on the shores of the Adnanes Fjord overlooking the sea, mountains, and islands and surrounded by green meadows, lush forests, and fjords, this house offers a truly unique experience of Scandinavian living.

This is a place for nature lovers and for those looking for peace and quiet along with outdoor activities, pampering and gourmet food. The weather is unpredictable and can include rain and wind as well as beautiful sunshine, clear skies, and velvet evenings. Summer temperatures (from mid-May) rise to 25C with the sun rising at 4 am and setting around 11 pm.

The villa is spacious and airy. A terrace runs the length of the house and is furnished with deck chairs and a Jacuzzi, heated to 39C all year round. Contemporary in design and décor with modern, marble bathrooms, the house offers easy, laid-back living along with professional staff and a gourmet chef. More