Pizza a portofoglio

Pizza a portofoglio. If you think Pizza Napolitana or Pizza fritta are the rulers in Naples then you better think again. The long-time champion in the streets of Naples is the wallet pizza or pizza a portofoglio. Good, cheap, and quick to eat. The wallet pizza is the queen of Neapolitan street food. Also known as “a libretto “, pizza a portfolio is folded in four: this feature not only helps the pizza stay hot for longer but also allows it to be consumed during a walk.

It is therefore an ideal meal for those who work and have little time in the lunch break, for tourists who want to have a quick snack, or for those who simply want to satisfy a momentary whim. The most served wallet pizzas are of course margherita and marinara, but there are also those who offer other options such as pizza with sausages and broccoli. Naples is full of pizzerias that prepare this specialty so loved by tourists and Neapolitans.