Pasta al ragu Napoletano

Pasta al ragu Napoletano. On the eve of every Sunday, this timeless recipe is dusted off in Neapolitan homes, highly appreciated and in great demand by the many tourists who wish to fully enjoy the wonders of Campania – the Neapolitan ragù is a dish rich in history.

Every housewife has a recipe that has been adapted, a personal version to which aromas, memories, and moments of real life are linked with. A dish that serves on the table an authentic magic that is renewed, from Sunday to Sunday and makes this course one of the most loved, not only by the Neapolitan people.

Thinly chopped onions browned in a saucepan with garlic and oil. After a few moments the meat, usually beef and pork are fried on all sides, then blended with red wine, until the tomato paste is added and melted, followed by the tomato purée, spied up with salt and nutmeg. One teaspoon of sugar, that counteracts with the acidity of the tomato can make all the difference. Combine your favorite pasta with this hearty sauce and you’re all set for a true Neapolitan experience.