Frutti di mare

Frutti di mare. Have you had enough of carbs? Maybe it’s time for some delicious seafood. Naples is a coastal capital and its connection with the sea goes back millennia to its very beginning. So where does one start from? Well, a good introduction would be an order of a platter of frutti di mare.

Just the sound of these words together can bring happiness to any seafood lover in the world. The fruits of the sea. On the menus of the trattorias and restaurants of Naples, the frutti di mare platters are never the same since they depend on the daily catch, you will find delicious and abundant appetizers with lobster, prawns and scampi, main courses with grilled squid, grilled snapper or octopus all ‘ salad. All are accompanied by excellent white wines.

If you haven’t enough of pasta then you should try a perfect combo dish of scialatielli con frutti di mare. The scialatielli is a type of fresh pasta typical of Amalfi created by a chef in the 70s. This a quick and tasty recipe to taste good seafood together with pasta, savoring their scent together with Scialatielli , the characteristic fresh pasta of the Campania tradition.

The name Scialatielli probably derives from the Neapolitan “scialare nella tiella”, due to the fact that at the end of the preparations the pasta must be sautéed in a pan with all the ingredients to flavor everything. Everything usually includes mussels, clams, shrimp, squid, white wine, cherry tomatoes, minced garlic and olive oil.