Cuoppo. One of the characterizing elements of Neapolitan street food, beyond the wallet pizza and fried pizza, is the cuoppo di fritture . The cuoppo is a cone-shaped foil that is filled with all sorts of fried food. It is served in the street, it can be found in rotisseries or in fry shops, but it is also very often presented in pizzerias as an appetizer, served at the table with its typical shape. It represents a classic street food that can be eaten in company or alone, as a lunch and dinner, but it is also good as an aperitif.

A distinction must be made, between the cuoppo that contain only fried fish to those that contain breaded mozzarella, crocchè, arancini, and much more. Cuoppo di terra : the cuoppo di terra, so called because it is characterized by non-sea ingredients, can be made up of many elements. Basically, potato croquettes, rice arancini and zeppoline of grown pasta should never be missing. But there are those who also add battered vegetables, such as aubergines, courgettes, zucchini flowers stuffed with ricotta.

Cuoppo di mare can be filled with fish-based ingredients. Examples are the cuoppi of fried anchovies, fried cod, enriched with sea zeppoline, that is pasta grown with seaweed, or with squid rings and baby octopus passed first in flour and then in a pan. In recent times, in some fry shops, the fashion has spread to present a sweet version of the cuoppo. Basically, the main element is the sweet zeppoline , which is sprinkled with sugar and in some cases also covered with chocolate. Difficult to resist