Discover Spaccanapoli

Discover the narrow streets of Spaccanapoli. If you want to experience the true essence of the city of Naples then a stroll along Spaccanapoli supplements the stroll along the seafront of  Lungomare, as the two walks that will help you truly know the city. The road stretches from the Quartieri Spagnoli to the Forcella district, dividing the city in two.

This road has ancient origins that go back to the Greeks when it was already one of the most important arteries of Naples . The road then underwent extensions first by the Romans who extended it to what is now Piazza del Gesù and then in the sixteenth century with the viceroy Don Pedro of Toledo who had it extended to the Spanish Quarter.

Currently Spaccanapoli is considered the Lower part of Naples connected to the Upper one with the famous Via San Gregorio Armeno. To better understand the origin of the name Spaccanapoli you can go up to the hill of Vomero at the terrace (pedamentina) of San Martino from where you can admire the whole city and see this artery cut Naples perfectly in two.

Walking along this road is a journey into the “real Naples”: here among splendid churches, apartments where locals live, ancient buildings and some small bars you can admire the most genuine essence of the city. However, it is good to remember that Via Spaccanapoli has practically never existed and is not on the map (except for the tourist ones) since this road is now composed of seven different streets.