Schweineschnitzel. This one is considered a staple of German cuisine. Whereas most of us know Schnitzel in its Viennese version which is only made of veal meat, its German or Bavarian version is known as Schweineschnitzel or pork schnitzel. It is prepared in the exact same way as the Austrian counterpart, the only difference, quite substantial of course, is the kind of meat we use.

Practically this means we take a boneless pork chop & pound it until it becomes very thin, sprinkle it with salt, pepper & curry powder, coat it in flour & dip it in an egg-milk mixture before we coat it again this time in cracker crumbs & deep fry it in hot oil until it becomes golden brown on both sides. With a dash of lemon & some potatoes on the side along with some Bavarian cabbage & you’re set for a repeat order before you check out from Munich.