Sauerkraut is of course famous as Germany’s national side dish (In WWI the British used the word -kraut- as a derogatory term for the Germans). It can be found today in many countries. Sauerkraut is finely sliced green cabbage fermented by various lactic acid bacteria (pickling) that enriches it with a distinct sour flavor which is what gave it its name.

Sauerkraut is often used to make hot dogs, salads, stew, and even cakes. Τhere is another very popular recipe for red cabbage in Munich, known as the Bayrisch Kraut or Bavarian Cabbage. Red cabbage’s slightly sweet taste is combined with the oily rich flavor of bacon which is fried along with sugar, apple & onion & then left to simmer with the stripe-cut cabbage, some stock, vinegar, a tablespoon of caraway seeds, salt & pepper.

The result is a delicious accompaniment of Bavarian sausages, roast pork or Leberkäs. The sauerkraut is literally omnipresent in Munich so there’s probably no use in singling out a restaurant for a side dish you can find everywhere. There is however a point in offering one that does tradition the way it is supposed to be. For some of the best sausages and sauerkraut in the city you can try Nurnberger Bratwurst Glockl am Dom Bratwurst Glockl am Dom