Quetschentaart. Tarts are definitely Luxembourg’s favourite dessert. Peach, cherry and pear tarts can be found in any pastry shop or restaurant in the city. The undisputed champion of all tarts is without a doubt the Quetschentaart, the plum tart. This Luxembourg specialty is an open zwetschgen (variety of central European plum) or plum tart with a base dough consisting of flour, yeast, milk and butter. The dough is kneaded and allowed to rise for half an hour.


The base is then basted with egg, sprinkled with sugar, and placed in a baking dish and covered with halved plums arranged in circles.It is baked for 45 minutes. This autumn treat (after the local plums have ripened in September) is one of the main traditional recipes in the Luxembourgian cookery bible. Other popular desserts include the small sugar-coated doughnuts called Verwurelter and Äppelklatzen or apples in puff pastry also known as apples en croûte.

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