Hong am Rèisleck


Hong am Rèisleck is a traditional dish widely consumed throughout Luxembourg, similar to the French Coq au Riesling which translates into chicken in Riesling white wine.The quartered chicken is slightly browned in a little bit of butter, then chopped parsley, shallots and garlic are added and left to simmer in a low heat. Stock and wine are poured over and left to boil for 30 minutes with chopped and fried mushrooms added to the mix. Just before the dish is ready a sauce made of flour, egg yolk and cream is poured into the pan.The dish is immediately served alongside dumplings or noodles.

At 400 Rue des Sept-Arpents, there’s restaurant that has been for generations a synonym of quality traditional recipes. The rustic  atmosphere of Juegdschlass is combined with locally grown food and wine with influences from German, French and Luxembourgian cuisine.