Gromperekichelcher (literally potato biscuits) is a recipe of potato pancakes associated with cuisines of many European & Middle-Eastern century-old traditions that is also considered a staple food in Luxembourg. Grated & spiced potatoes with chopped onions, shallots & parsley are finally deep-fried, before being eaten accompanied by apple sauce or plain ketchup. This is a very common street food found at every outdoor event such as markets or funfairs where the smell of fried potatoes & onions fills up the atmosphere sending everyone straight to their wallets.

One of the best places in town to get a Gromperekichelcher is Brasserie Restaurant Osada, a little gem of a restaurant at 35 Rue Laurent Menager. Located in the old district of Pfaffenthal, Bei De Bouwen is a warm place to have a drink or eat regional dishes. They offer a daily menu at noon, Monday to Friday and their menu is based on local cuisine. On the evening weekend, you can take a seat in their mezzanine for the à la carte dinner.