Bouchées a la Reine

Bouchées a la Reine meaning the Queen’s mouthfuls is a French dish created for and made fashionable by Marie Leczinska, wife of the French King Louis XV. It is considered traditional in Luxembourg as well.

Small puff pastry cases also known as vol-au-vents are cut off the top and garnished with a mixture made of diced chicken breast poached in stock, truffle poached in a white wine or quartered button white mushrooms cooked in butter and lemon juice, and white sauce made from chicken, butter, flour, cream, and egg-yolk or plain béchamel. Then the pastry hat is put back on and served hot.

Ideally located in the heart of Luxembourg, between boulevard Royal and Rue des Bains the Brasserie Aubergine welcomes you in a modern
and warm setting. Since 2008, Dara and David invite you to share a culinary journey with Luxembourgian and French tones and a nod to Italy. You will find an excellent version of Bouchées a la Reine there.