Brauerei (Beer)

For over 500 years, the Mousel brewery has represented the beating heart of the Rives de Clausen and remains the witness of a landscape in perpetual motion. The building it occupies is steeped in brewing history. Generations of brewers have succeeded each other, bequeathing their heritage in turn. It is in this context that the old machine room of the Mousel brewery makes way for the new “Brauerei” brewery, which reaffirms with conviction its belonging to the contemporary world.

More than a brewery, the place also serves as a museum to the glory of the brewing profession! Brauerei makes you discover its brewing rooms, its copper boilers and allows you, through large bay windows, to follow the entire beer making process. The steam engines of yesteryear stand proudly in the middle of the restaurant and let you experience their history for lunch or dinner.

Want to discover the secrets of making traditional beer? Let yourself be guided by the brewers for a tour of their heritage (group visit, by appointment).

Brauerei, a resolutely timeless and eminently welcoming place.