Put another pin on your map

Put another pin on your map. Make a day trip to a city of a neighboring country. Luxembourg’s central position on the map and its proximity to many European cities make it an ideal starting point for another pin on your travel map.

https://pixabay.com/photos/namur-citadel-military-heritage-3611496/Put another pin on your map

Super close are the cities of Metz  & Nancy in France (50 minutes/16 euros from Luxembourg city & Nancy 40 minutes from Metz/21 euros, 1.30 hour total from Luxembourg to Nancy) or Trier in Germany (50 minutes/8.50 euros) or the picturesque Namur in southern Belgium (1.50 hour from Luxembourg City/ 41 euros), Liege (2.40 hours/ 25 euros) or Brussels (2.30 hours/ 43 euros).More. Paris is not too far either (2.05 hours/ tickets from 25 euros/5 round trips daily). More